At the Friends’ House

Today, for the first time, I worshipped with the “Society of Friends”; for one hour, we sat in silence together, nothing audible happened, nobody even spoke today. The silence I walked into when I walked into that room was far beyond a state of “being quiet”. This silence was palpably, tangibly full of the presence of God. This is, indeed, a different kind of worship. Radical. Truthful. Equalising. What a wonderful thing. People not talking. Once you have accepted the simple rules of this meeting, you are given a great gift. One hour, one precious hour of your week, is without judgment, without feeling the need to defend or justify yourself, without analysing each other or ourselves – for one hour, it’s God who speaks. No liturgy, refined over hundreds of year, rehearsed and perfected and fought over, stands in the way. No limits of language stand in the way. We sit. We are quiet. We listen. And silence grows in us and between us. I thought I’d miss something if worship is just silence. God took care of it.

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